Megan Hughes

06 Mar 19

Pop In Les Menuires – A Ski Event Like No Other!

Megan Hughes

06 Mar 19

For the second time, Pop In the City puts on its skis to hit the slopes of Les Menuires. However, whilst last year’s event was focused solely on the ladies, this time, men will be allowed to participate in a special edition of Pop In the Mountains. This unisex edition set in the heart of the amazing 3 Vallées ski resort will give 400 women and men the opportunity to discover the ski area like never before!

So what does Pop In Les Menuires have in store for these lucky participants?

‘Popins’ will be able to try freestyle aerial skiing, look for avalanche survivors, hit the slopes in a bathing suit, drive a piste basher, experiment with winter sports such as biathlon or curling, prepare a delicious Savoyard farçon and many, many more surprises.

The event takes place on 30 March 2019 and will involve 400 participants, aged 18 to 77. It is an 8-hour race, taking place in pairs, with 30 challenges split into 5 categories: art, sport, extreme, charity and culture.

Take a look at last year’s highlights here:

The aim of Pop In Les Menuires is to give skiers and snowboarders a new and unique way of experiencing the mountains, learning new skills, interacting with local tradition and having a lot of fun in the process!

Pop In the City is an urban race – previously having only taken place in European cities, they have now branched out to mountain resorts too. The events allow hundreds of people to discover a location in a different way, with 30 challenges encouraging participants to experience authenticity, meet with locals and surpass themselves. Participants have to demonstrate curiosity, courage and strategy in order to achieve as many challenges as possible.

Price per participant for Pop In Les Menuires: 165€ (Early Bird) then 179€ (normal price).

To register, head to: www.popinthecity.com/en/registrations/cities-2019/les-menuires-3-vallees/