About Courchevel

  • Altitude: 1300m
  • Total Lifts: 166
  • Pisted Area: 600km
  • Average Snowfall: 540

Courchevel is of course one of the world’s best known ski resorts. Viewed by many as an exclusive, luxury resort, it’s home to the planet’s most opulent chalets and it has more five star hotels than any other ski resort on earth.

But whilst many dismiss Courchevel as all glitz and glamour, possibly out of their league, the reality on the ground is very different. This is a world class resort with four separate bases and easy access to one of the world’s best ski areas and it is surprisingly possible to enjoy on a budget. With a bit of careful planning you can get all the advantages of this world-class resort and its spectacular ski and off-slope facilities for a fraction of the price those billionaires, hedge fund managers and oligarchs are paying.

To start with, Courchevel isn’t just one resort. The bit where all the money is focused is up at 1,850m, but as in most of the big French resorts there are also separate villages at 1,650m, 1,550m, 1,300m and even 1,100m. So, five Courchevels. To instantly cut your ski holiday cost in half (pretty much!) book into one of the four that isn’t Courchevel 1850.

Apart from saving money you may well find quicker, easier and less crowded access to the slopes than those who set off from 1850 each morning but, fortunately, an efficient inter-resort lift network means you can easily be whisked up to the off-slope facilities, shops and restaurants of 1850 whenever you like.

In terms of the skiing, the majority of the huge 3 Valleys ski area is accessible to all, regardless of ability or preference. Plus, 80% of the ski area is set above 1,800 metres, which guarantees an optimum snow cover from the start of December all the way through until the end of April. It’s one of the world’s most famous ski areas for a reason, with a vast amount of choice and entertaining runs for all skiers, as well as a wide range of mountain restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

It’s also worth mentioning that a brand new €60m+ aquatic centre opened in Courchevel this winter at 1650, a must-visit for anyone in the area.


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