Zermatt To Offer ‘Dynamic’ Lift Pass Prices Next Season

Patrick Thorne

22 Apr 18

Zermatt has announced it will cut its lift ticket prices during low season periods next winter.

The famous swiss resort, which operates one of the world’s biggest ski areas including Europe’s highest lifts, currently has probably the most expensive adult lift passes in Europe, although it is also one of the most generous in the world for children’s tickets, with under 9s skiing free and big discounts for young people right up to their early 20s.

This past season Zermatt Bergbahnen AG, has offered variable prices for individual trips, depending on the season and capacity, but beginning from the 2018-2019 winter, the prices for ski passes will be dynamically set like airline tickets and hotel beds.

“Factors such as supply, demand and time of purchase are included in these calculations,” a Zermatt Bergbahnen spokesperson said.

Three seasons (pre-season, off-peak season and peak season) will be introduced and within those periods prices will vary up or down during the course of the season depending on capacity.

“The aim of the new price model for ski passes is to optimise utilisation during the winter and to attract guests during low-demand times through cheaper prices,” the Zermatt Bergbahnen spokesperson continued.

The new price system means early bookers and online bookers should receive lower prices.

“If one buys early via partner or online through the Webshop, the least expensive price is ensured,” the spokesperson concluded.