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Henry Druce

22 Oct 20

Warren Smith Ski Technique Lab Tour Review

Henry Druce

22 Oct 20

Warren Smith, founder of the Warren Smith Ski Academy (WSSA), has been running ski technique courses in Verbier, Champoluc, Japan and  Utah for as long as I’ve been involved in the ski industry (20 years).

What is impressive is that InTheSnow’s newly signed Ski Technique Editor has the same boundless enthusiasm to improve skiers’ technique as he did 20 years ago.

His enthusiasm and passion for the subject was apparent at a recent presentation he gave at upmarket sports store Altimus Outdoor in Kensington.

Warren is currently touring the country with the WSSA Ski Technique Lab Tour, visiting stores to spread his message with missionary zeal. The event I attended was sold out though in these strange socially distanced times this meant there were only 20 people in the audience.

During the presentation, sponsored by Helly Hansen, Warren spoke with the same enthusiasm as if there had been 100 people in the audience, numbers he’s more accustomed to.

Maybe for him it was sheer relief to be able to communicate with an audience; for us watching I’m sure it was relief we could attend such an event – a slice of normality in these strange times.

The presentation includes video footage of course participants skiing to highlight common technique errors and how they can be improved.

The intimate nature of the talk meant there was lots of time to ask questions and get more of Warren’s time than would normally be the case.

The presentation was packed with tips on how you can become a better skier by working on specific exercises at home. I can’t think of a better way to use lockdown time.

There is still limited availability on the following dates of the tour:

Oct 22 Snowfit Revolutionz, Norwich
Oct 26 Rivington Alpine,  Bolton
Oct 27 Glide & Slide,  Otley
Oct 28 Snowlab, Eastbourne
Oct 29 Silksworth Sports Complex and Ski Centre, Sunderland

The cost of the ‘3 Way Lineage’ lecture and ‘6 Way Foundation’ testing system, where participants will be provided with the tools to build their own development program, is £25 per person for the evening and includes a goodie bag from Helly Hansen. All presentations start at 7pm.

In case of cancellations due to Covid 19 restrictions, full refunds will be made and the Warren Smith Ski Academy will run replacement sessions on the same evening remotely over its social channels.

To book, go to