Take the Frozen Underground

Patrick Thorne

18 Nov 13

Anyone who has sat on a tube train in grim old London looking at the enticing ski holiday posters will most likely have dreamt themselves away to the pistes, now Anton Vamplew, a well-known British amateur astronomer who’s CV includes Blue Peter and The Sky at Night, has made the dream easier with the creation of Frozen Underground maps featuring ski resorts instead of tube stops.

Bored of the Piccadilly and Northern Lines? Then why not hop onto the Alpine or Vin Chaud Line instead. Or perhaps you could take the Innsbruck & City or even the Black Run, don’t forget to change at Verbier if you’re heading to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

But the design goes beyond a simple imaginary network and has started to grow in lore and myth. Stations have their own history and new lines get opened up, where Yetis roam and Marmots work as ski lift attendants. The maps also show the host towns of our own Frozenolympics – the winter games that take place every four years, and which are blatantly copied by the “real” Olympics. The cheek of some people!

Frozen Underground maps are available in standard or bespoke designs. The Central Network Map is the main navigational hub and comes in a choice of three sizes, printed on 249 gram Pro Gloss Board and mounted on 3mm aluminium composite panels. Other standard maps include Austria and France and they’re available to purchase online.