try skiing before you go

Try Skiing Before You Buy

Debbie Gabriel

03 Oct 17

Skiing in the UK indoors or on a dry ski slope is very different from being on snow.

Being in a ski resort in the mountains is very different to skiing in one of the artificial slopes in the UK as you’ll be in an urban environment and either on a short snow slope indoors or probably in a semi-urban environment on a simulated snow (dry) slope – so you won’t have the stunning views, long slopes and nice little mountain restaurants with sunny terrace to sup a drink at whilst taking in the mountain vistas BUT you will at least get to experience what the equipment feels like (snowboarding has an advantage there, nice comfy boots unlike the clunky ski boots – although some prefer having their legs separate when they’re skiing compared to fixed together on a snowboard, particularly for some ski lifts).

You’ll also get to experience for the first time what it’s like to slide along on a board or on skis.

Many indoor ski centres and dry slopes offer ‘taster sessions’ at low cost, where you get to try all this, hopefully with someone to talk you through it.  You can then opt to sign up for more lessons before you go on your first ski holiday if you wish.  The more you know in advance the more you’ll get out of your first week in the mountains (although equally, even if you don’t take lessons before you go and no nothing, you’ll probably still have loads of fun).

Just check the website or give your nearest dry slope or indoor snow centre a call.

And to find out what kind of gear you might need check out our section on packing essentials.

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