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Debbie Gabriel

24 Mar 17

Learning to Ski and Snowboard

Debbie Gabriel

24 Mar 17

Learning to ski and snowboard is probably one of the most exciting and exhilarating things you can do. 

Its fair to say the first few days, if you are completely new to skiing or snowboarding, are hard work.  It can be tiring getting dressed and to the slopes, let alone the actual slope time.  During this time remember to enjoy it, have patience with yourself and understand this is a brand new discipline – you couldn’t just pick up a tennis racket and go to Wimbledon!

SoIf you have never skied before or only had a few lessons in the UK, it’s well worth while booking yourself some lessons, either when you first arrive or even before you get there.

It’s advisable not to learn from loved ones – I would advise you to tell friends and family they won’t be teaching you and book a lesson with a local ski school.

Pick a ski school that employs instructors who speak your language

You have more chance of improving if you understand what they are asking you to do.   And there’s a wide choice of English-speaking ski schools in most popular resorts.

Group Ski Lessons

Group lessons are useful because you have a number of people to compete with and learn from.  There is great camaraderie in group lessons and you get to make new ski buddies whilst skiing all around the mountain.

Individual Ski Lessons

Individual lessons can often speed up the learning process because of the 1-2-1 focus.  They can be tiring because of the sheer focus on you, but in turn you will see rapid progress.

Whichever lesson type you choose, its often recommended to have lessons in the morning, it’s when you are freshest and strongest.  The after lunch spot is when you are full and more lethargic, so mornings tend to be more successful – but be careful as those slots do fill up fast.

Be careful not to book long lessons, some people think by booking a 4 hour slot they will learn much faster, but that’s not always the case.  Shorter 2 hour slots can be better as you focus more and work harder, then take lunch then go and practice what you have been taught.

Friends Teaching You to Ski or Snowboard

This isn’t recommended…your friends who can already ski probably learned a long time ago, and they likely don’t have the skill or technique to teach you the essentials to skiing progression.  And of course they too want to have a great holiday, so it wont be long before they get bored of teaching you and say ‘shall we just go up this lift, I’m sure you will be fine‘ and inevitably you end up on terrain unsuitable for your level of skiing.

Our recommendation is lessons in the morning, lunch, then either ski with your friends in the afternoon if they are willing to stay on the easier nursery slopes, or ski the area that you have been on with your instructor, that way you know your are capable of success.

Now you are ready to go, I would recommend you read a little about safety for your first ski trip and the useful ski info section thats full of great info.

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