Debbie Gabriel

09 Oct 23

Should I Rent or Buy Ski Gear?

Debbie Gabriel

09 Oct 23

Many people start out wanting to know should they Rent or Buy Ski Gear?

It normally makes sense to rent your skis and poles or snowboard, as well as boots and helmet, on at least your first few ski holidays.

It means you can start off on equipment specifically designed for beginners and progress on to more advanced skis quite quickly, without spending hundreds of pounds on equipment.

People often buy their own ski boots and helmet after two or three weeks as these are things that are beneficial to have fitted to your own feet and head, but not before you have been skiing or snowboarding, and know whether you enjoy it or not.

Borrowing a friend’s equipment is also rarely a good idea as it’s very unlikely it’ll be the right size and type for you. It’s better to let the staff in the rental shop fit you with the right equipment for your size and ability.

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