Fast New Chairlift and Five More Glades At Tremblant

The new Alterra Mountain Company, which took over 12 leading north American ski resorts last year, has announced a $17 million Canadian Dollar spend this summer for one of them, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, in readiness for the 18-19 ski season.

The money will go on replacing the Lowell Thomas chairlift, renovating and expanding the summit chalet Le Grand Manitou, creating new glades, renovating La Fourchette du Diable on the North Side base, as well as other additions and upgrades.

The fixed-grip triple Lowell Thomas chairlift serving the upper North Side will be entirely replaced with a Dopplelmayr detachable quad, boosting capacity by 600 skiers per hour on this route.

Also, 5 new glades covering a 50- acre area will extend Tremblant’s skiable terrain to 101 trails across 715 acres. The sectors involved are located on the North Side and the Edge which are respectively served by the Duncan, Expo and Edge lifts.

Mont Tremblant will also continue increasing its snowmaking capacity with the acquisition of 31 high-efficiency snow guns.

Money will also be spent on the main summit building, Le Grand Manitou, which will see its footprint increased to showcase an abundance of windows, 400 additional seats and a completely reinvented foodservice area.

Located on the North Side base, the footprint of La Fourchette du Diable will also be increased, turning the northern tip of the building into a permanent structure. A new annex will also be built to accommodate ski patrol operations. Work will be completed by the start of the 2018/19 season.

A number of other small-scale projects are also included such as the addition of a new grooming machine.