Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Nuit de la Glisse 2015

Ski Videos

Skiers, snowboarders, wingsuit pilots and surfers all have one thing in common, the desire to reach the goals they set for themselves, sometimes at the price of waiting months for various weather conditions all to arrive simultaneously.  And all this in a time when nature is becoming more and more chaotic.

They all know they should make the most of Mother Nature’s extremes like the abundant and abnormal spring snowfalls that transform 1000m high faces into a freerider’s dream. The athletes have to confront the dangers of such excess if they are to seize their chance. The pressure is on, fully aware of the danger, their line must be perfect at the fateful moment and that the slightest error of judgment has the gravest of consequences.It’s in these moments that an athlete’s mental strength is tested. Will they be able to deal with the pressure and use it as an ally or will they crumble?

Don’t Crack Under Pressure Premiere will be on the 3rd December 2015 and the exclusive 1 day screening across the UK will be on the 9th December 2015.