Snowboard Gear Reviews


We’ve tried and tested snowboards over many seasons and so here you will find snowboard reviews for the latest 2020 snowboards. We assess who the snowboard is good for and what conditions it is best suited to. This is the place to find your next snowboard purchase, so come in and see all our snowboard reviews online now.


Snowboard Boots

Getting the right snowboard boots is vital; depending on the type of snowboarding you want to do and the level of snowboarder you are, will drive which boots you should be looking to buy.

Here you will find snowboard boot reviews that will help you choose your next pair of boots, but remember, comfort is king so get them fitted at a reputable dealer.


Snowboard Bindings

We often don’t even know what bindings our ski has come with, but now with ski touring and back country riding on the increase, people are becoming more and more aware of the bindings they buy, so check out this section to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to our buyers guide of ski bindings reviewed for 2020.



Looking good means feeling good, so we take apparel pretty seriously! Here you will find snowboard jacket reviews, as well as snowboard pants, gloves, baselayers, socks and more. Essentially if you wear it like clothing in the mountains, you will find it right here!



Helmet use has exploded over the last few years and back protectors are growing too, so here we review helmets, goggles, sunglasses and back protectors, so take a look and see if you find can your next great purchase here in our 2020 snowboard gear reviews.



And here you will find snowboard gear reviewed that spans everything from GPS watches to CB’s, avalanche transceivers to backpacks and everything in between…Let’s face it, we all love a gadget, so delve in and see what’s new in snowboard gadgets for 2020!