Burnt Custard Base Layers Review

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This is our Burnt Custard Base Layers Review from ISPO 2018, where we popped by the Burnt Custard stand to take a look at their latest range.

Burnt Custard base layers have a unique second skin effect, having been developed to ensure they have some of the highest capacities of moisture management. They have the ability to keep you really warm, whilst remaining incredibly breathable, which of course, is what you want when you’re out on the slopes all day!

Not only do these base layers look great, they also feel great and are super comfortable, thanks to a Meryl Microfibre that is said to be softer than cashmere while at the same time as more durable than Merino wool. Some of their base layers use a compression fabric that is pretty tight so keep this in mind! If you aren’t a fan of the tight fit, they have also just released a new ‘Earth Tec’ range, which is slightly looser.

A British brand, all Burnt Custard’s base layers are made in Great Britain and there’s even a range designed by British Olympic snowboarder Jamie Nicholls.

Burnt Custard was created to deliver the very best in technical active wear. Their base layers can be used in the most extreme mountain conditions, but just as easily everyday in the gym or pounding the pavements.

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