Michelin Starred Restaurants

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Alta Badia’s prestige is increasing furthermore as an excellence of Italian gastronomy: over a space of only 15 km2, six Michelin stars are shining bright. It is with great emotion that Norbert Niederkofler puts on his new uniform, onto which three rosettes are now sewn, thus entering Italy’s pantheon of nine three-Michelin star restaurants. The chef, who hails from South Tyrol, was awarded his first star in 2000, always at the St. Hubertus restaurant, and he wishes to share the great satisfaction of this accolade with Hugo Pizzinini, patron of the Rosa Alpina hotel and the St. Hubertus restaurant, and to thank all the kitchen and restaurant staff, and his family, who have constantly supported him.

A very successful achievement also for Matteo Metullio, class of 1989, who was awarded his second star. The Michelin star chef who hails from Triest has been at the helm of Michelin star restaurant La Siriola at the Ciasa Salares Hotel owned by Stefan Wieser since spring 2013.

The star for the La Stüa de Michil restaurant at the La Perla hotel, captained by Nicola Laera, was also confirmed.