Getting to Alta Badia

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Thanks to its central geographical location in Europe and to the proximity to major transport routes on the north-south route, Alta Badia is within easy reach on many roads of Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether by car, by bus, train or plane, your arrival in Alta Badia is sure to be a pleasant experience. 


By Air

Alta Badia is near to several international airports in Italy and abroad. From there Alta Badia is easy to reach with an airport transfer service.

Bolzano (BZO), 100 km – Tel. +49 0471 255255

Innsbruck (INN), 130 km – Tel. +43 0512 225 25-161

Venice/Treviso (TSF), 180 km – Tel. +39 0422 315331

Venice Marco Polo (VCE), 200 km – Tel. +39 041 2606111

Verona (VRN), 213 km – Tel. +39 045 809 5666

Milan/Bergamo (BGY), 310 km – Tel. +39 035 326323

Munich (MUC), 330 km – Tel. +49 089 97500

Milan/Malpensa (MXP), 400 km – Tel. +39 02 232323

By Car

Alta Badia is easy to reach by car

Thanks to its proximity to major transport routes Alta Badia is easy to reach by car. If you come from the north, you can cross the Brenner-pass on its motorway. Remember, though, that the highways are toll roads in Italy. 

If you want to experience the approach with the fascinating mountain scenery of the Alps, you can choose to drive on one of the the attractive country roads of South Tyrol and Alta Badia.

Route from the Brenner motorway to Alta Badia:

* Brenner Motorway / take the exit Brixen-Pustertal (50 km from Alta Badia)
* Pustertaler main road SS49 until Sankt Lorenzen
* Gadertaler main road SS244 until Alta Badia