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Insider Hints and Alternative Tours

The slopes in Alta Badia are a dream to ski. There is no lengthy queuing or crowding at the lift stations or on the ski pistes, which are specially treated every night by a large number of snow groomers and perfectly prepared for the next day. On the slopes, representatives of the Alpini and Carabinieri police force guarantee absolute safety, with motorised sledges ensuring that when they are needed they can be on hand very quickly.

To really make the most of the area, try out one of these unique ski tours and definitely make sure to take our insider’s tips.

The Lagazuoi Ski Tour

Here, Dolomites landscapes meet world history. This panoramic ski circuit on the Lagazuoi provides exciting trip through the history of the Dolomites, with few excursions in the world as unforgettable as a day on the Lagazuoi. From Armentarola to the Passo Falzarego, a climb of 2105m, we take the one-span Lagazuoi ski lift to 2778m where the panoramic view steals the breath. Here, during the First World War, soldiers clashed, machine guns fired and mines exploded. Today the traces of trenches and tunnels, glimpsed from the edge of the pistes, bear witness to those terrible times, yet the mountains are now tranquil and serenely beautiful. It feels as though you could touch the surrounding peaks. For those who wish to linger, as the sun goes down, the mountaintops turn red and catch fire in the wonderful phenomenon known as Enrosadira. For those who wish to ski, however, the piste is of average difficulty and, as it descends towards Passo Falzarego, can be considered a warm-up to what is known as the “real” Lagazuoi piste. With an 1130m difference in altitude, this exhilarating run leads across the canyons to the Scotoni mountain refuge and the Capanna Alpina mountain hut, until you reach the bottom of the valley. From here, a pair of Noricum horses will pull you to the Alta Badia ski carousel.

First World War Ski Tour

The centre point of the First World War ski tour is the symbolic mountain of the 1st World War, Mount Col di Lana. The 80 km tour takes you around this mountain. Everywhere, you will find traces of World War 1: Artefacts from the war era, trenches running right through the rocks, parapet walks and forts. For the whole tour you will need approximately 7 to 8 hours. Therefore, we recommend to take off in the early morning in order to finish the tour in time before the lifts close.

Our Insider Tips

One of the most spectacular descents of the First World War Ski Tour is definitely the ski slope that from the top of Lagazuoi descends towards Armentarola in Alta Badia, the longest ski slope in the Dolomites. This piste leads you through a charming valley with craggy mountain faces and steep ice falls down towards Sass Dlacia. A horse and cart awaits skiers here to take you back to the Armentarola ski lift, the entrance to the ski area of Alta Badia. The horses’ lift is said to be the most ecological ski lift of the Alps.