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//Gear and Skis

Which Ski Poles Do I Need?

Your ski poles are an essential part of every skier’s kit, however when it comes to buying them, many people find themselves asking “which ski poles do I need?”. There are a lot of options out there, with varying sizes, shapes, technologies and grip options.

Here, our gear expert Rob Stewart tells you everything you need to know to find the right ski pole for you.

This video gives you an overview of the different types of ski poles and how to properly size them to find your perfect length.

In this video, we look at the Leki Venom Race ski pole is a slalom racing ski pole designed for high intensity Alpine racing. This pole features Leki’s Trigger S grip system, which allows you to attach your pole grip to your glove, negating the need for a strap. Really easy to use and with an easy release system – you simply push down with your thumb and the grip is released.

You should also consider your type of skiing you will be doing. If you are more of an off piste skier, you will need a pole with a larger basket (the circular part at the bottom of your pole). This will help to avoid your pole getting stuck in the snow and allow you a more enjoyable freeride experience.

If you will be using your pole mostly for ski touring, you should consider a telescopic pole, which can easily change size. This means that you can benefit from a longer pole when hiking uphill and then reduce this length when skiing down.

The length of your ski pole is also very important. A good way to measure this is to hold the pole out in front of you just under the basket. If your elbow is at a right angle, the pole is the correct height. Freestyle or mogul skiers may opt for shorter poles for ease of movement, but for most regular piste skiers, this method of measuring the pole tends to work pretty well.