Morzine for Non-Skiers

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As a true mountain town, Morzine offers a huge amount of activities for those looking for fun off the slopes.

For the most authentic taste of the town, head to the weekly local market, a great spot to find local delicacies and special gifts. The local potter, chocolatier and micro-brewery are also must-sees and are fun places to spend an afternoon off the slopes.

For those that prefer their activities planned for them, Morzine also offers a weekly heritage tour, as well as a town tour with a focus on cheese – and a tasting at the end! If cheese is your thing, you can also visit the town’s cheesemaker, see how the cheese is made (and try some – of course). We reckon your friends up on the slopes might be a bit jealous once they see the culinary delights you’ve been enjoying!

If you do want a bit of an adrenaline hit after all that cheese, you should definitely try the night time sledging down the Pleney slopes into the village, after the slopes shut (and with guides and a headtorch!) – or try ESF’s night time initiation into ski touring, a magical way to experience the mountains after dark.

If you’d rather watch other people take the adrenaline hit, it’s great fun to catch an ice hockey match on the local ice rink!

Read on to explore our favourite new off-slope activities in Morzine this winter… 

Aigles du Léman

Ski touring or hiking falconry course: On snowshoes or skis for the more seasoned, this is a unique opportunity to practice the art of falconry in an exceptional environment! For the Walking Workshops, a 45 min snowshoe hike on the wild plateau of Nyon with a bird on your arm! It is an unforgettable experience as some birds like the Great Horned Owl of the Himalayas can reach a wingspan of up to 2 metres! Afterwards, hikers will be able to admire the majestic birds of prey with a flight demonstration in the mountains.
For courses on skis: Skiing exercises with Harris’ buzzards and downhill skiing with an eagle.

Mini falconers: An educational outing with the eagles! For 45 minutes children will be able to get up close and personal with these exceptional birds that they usually only meet in storybooks: the White Owl, the Great Horned Owl, Eagles, Buzzards, Vultures… The falconer will pass on his knowledge and all the secrets of the birds of prey to the children in the form of games… Then they can watch with awe at the splendour of the birds during a flight demonstration overhead!


Lots of different snowshoe excursion exist – from a tour in the mountains finishing off with melted cheese in an alpine chalet, nighttime torchlight with stargazing, or meditation!

NEW Morzine Mountain Co-operative: Find your zen with a snowshoe excursion to explore the “Marvels of Winter”. Equipped with a magnifying glass and accompanied by a mountain professional, you will be able to observe flaura, fauna and snow crystals, study the snow pack and learn all it has to tell.

NEW! Shinrin Yoku in Winter: Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese philosophy of life which consists of reconnecting with nature through walking in the forest – ‘shinrin yoku’ translates literally to ‘forest bath’.  Breathe, concentrate on your footsteps and your breath in order to become one with nature. The benefits of this experience on both body and mind can last several weeks: reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, improving blood pressure and digestion, increasing life expectancy for regular practitioners, concentration and promoting a healthy nervous system!

NEW! Nocturnal snowshoeing: A 2-hour snowshoe walk to look at the stars, as you experience the mountains and the Milky Way from a magical new angle.

NEW! Yoga & Snow: In this unique experience, you will be guided to explore wild places on snowshoes. The yoga instructor adapts her lessons to the winter environment so that they are shorter (30 mins) and more intense. The day ends in a mountain refuge with a meditation by the fireside accompanied by a hot drink


Heritage Walk and Cheese Tasting: As night falls, discover the wealth and history of Morzine’s heritage on foot. Sandra Gallay, heritage guide, has created a walk by the light of headlamps and electric torches around the hamlet of Les Bois Venants in Morzine. Farms, fortified houses, chalets, drinking fountains, sculpted balconies… the architecture and sculpture of traditional Haut-Savoyard houses reveal their secrets. This cultural excursion ends with a cheese tasting in the cheese bar of La Chamade which offers over a hundred cheeses from the local and wider Alpine region, as well as a beautiful wine menu.

Amp up the Adrenaline

Sledging: A huge amount of fun for all ages, sledging down the Pléney ski runs is an unmissable experience in Morzine. Once the slopes close, this 4km route becomes a thrilling and exhilirating sledging piste, with incredible views over the village.

Yooner: A unique, highly entertaining alternative activity, Yooner sledging offers a new way to enjoy the slopes. With equipment that’s light, comfortable and easy to steer, as well as top tips from experienced instructors, you’ll be enjoying that mountain adrenaline in no time!

Snowmobiling:  Not only an unmissable activity for motorheads, snowmobiling offers all mountain lovers the chance to experience stunning winter landscapes of Morzine from a new (and very fun) perspective.