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Ecology and environmental awareness is at the heart of Morzine’s current development as a ski resort. To this end, the resort were awarded the highly respected Flocon Vert (Green Snowflake) award in September 2021.

This label is awarded to those who demonstrate a high level commitment to sustainable development and is a great fit for Morzine, who have placed the environment at the heart of the resort’s strategy moving forward.

So beginning this winter, the companies that run Morzine’s ski lifts (SA Pleney and SERMA) will be taking decisive action to limit the impact of their activity on the environment.

How Are They Doing It? 

There are a number of projects underway in Morzine that demonstrate a commitment to the resort’s ecology.

Environmentally Friendly Piste Grooming Machinery

Even the new piste grooming machines in Morzine & Avoriaz are doing their bit to combat pollution. These machines run on non-toxic, biodegradable GTL fuel – as opposed to the off-road winter diesel used by traditional piste bashers.

They’re equipped with a new software program, Snowsat, which uses GPS to limit energy consumption and manage snow stocks by giving precise measurements of snow depths. This allows them to use less artificial snow as they only use what is necessary for the snow depths where they are.

Protecting Surrounding Nature

The Pléney ski lift company are collaborating with the Haute Savoie hunting federation and external consultants to study the area’s local birds, identify zones in which these birds live – and work to make these environments more favourable to the development of these species. In addition, the Observatoire des Galliformes de Montagnes and SA Pléney have signed a multi-year plan to make dangerous aerial cables visible for birds in the mountains, using markers along each cable.


Renewable Electricity

SERMA are also working to reduce their electricity consumption, with the installation of solar photovoltaic panels at the Proclou arrival station that links Morzine with Avoriaz. Electricity is the top energy expenditure of most ski areas, so making environmental steps here is hugely important. This innovative project from SERMA is the first of its kind in Haute-Savoie. 41m² of panels have been installed, with a forecast production of 9000 kWh per year. This will then be used for the operation of the lift.

Revegetation of the Pleney Area

Where any work is being done on the ski area, all earthworks carried out are accompanied by revegetation projects, with local mountain grass seeds planted, adhering to the highest standards for livestock grazing in the area.

Accommodation Commitments

In Morzine, all members of the ski community are doing their bit towards this ecological commitment, including accommodation providers. Hoteliers and hosts are implementing some fantastic initiatives to offer their guests the highest standard of responsible accommodation. Whether it’s through aquathermal heating, using renewable energy, reducing waste or using local produce, the entire resort is making an effort to protect this stunning mountain environment.