How to Make Your Ski Boots Fit Better

Gear and Skis

We all know that the fit of your ski boot can make or break your ski holiday. Get a boot that’s uncomfortable and you’ll find yourself wincing through your ski days. In this short, our gear expert Rob identifies how to make your ski boots fit better, finding the perfect fit as well as the small adjustments you can make on the slopes.

Our top tips for making your ski boots fit better:

  • If buying, make sure you go to a reputable ski shop, such as Ellis Brigham, where you will be able to get expert advice on the best boot for you and get the best custom fit.
  • Invest in a good pair of ski socks – it may surprise you, but a good ski sock can make a huge amount of difference to how comfortable your ski boots are.
  • Get a custom fit (and don’t be afraid to return to the shop if necessary!)

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