New Ski and Snowboard Records Set at London Marathon

Patrick Thorne

18 May 19

It has emerged that not only one but a number of new records for marathon running in ski or snowboarding gear were set at the 2019 London Marathon at the end of April.

It was widely reported that the record for running a marathon in ski boots had been broken, but there has been little coverage of another record taken, for running the marathon in snowboarding gear.

James Williams of Lymm Runners completed the race in five hours, 21 minutes and 50 seconds – 24 minutes faster than the previous record.

“Who needs nails on their big toes when I have a Guinness World Record?” James told the Warrington Guardian.

Mr Williams was one of a dozen runners from Lymm Runners who together raised more than £30,000 for charity.

Orthopaedic surgeon Paul Harnett broke the world record for running a marathon in ski-boots, knocking around 22 minutes off the previous 5 hours 52 minutes record, completing his marathon in 5 and a half hours.

Mr Harnett was raising money for the British Paralympic Association and World Orthopaedic Concern, saying,

“They are two charities which carry out phenomenal work that I want to raise as much money as possible for.”



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