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Megan Hughes

08 Sep 20

WATCH: The Revelstoke Diaries Trailer

Megan Hughes

08 Sep 20

It’s not everyday that we get to see a ski film we can actually relate to. Usually we see the world’s best athletes taking on the most extreme terrain in locations we can only dream of. As exhilarating as this is to view (and trust me, I’m usually glad it’s rather them than me), when we first heard that Holmlands were releasing a new kind of ski film in The Revelstoke Diaries, we were immediately intrigued.

The Revelstoke Diaries is the impressive result of of two months on location in Revelstoke, British Columbia. It’s a film and web series that provides a detailed insight behind the scenes of this iconic ski town, taking a different perspective to traditional ski movies as it delves into the lives of those that call these mountains their home.

The film meets a range of characters, each of whom reflect a different element of Revelstoke life, but share a strong passion for adventure.

© Holmlands - Captured by Matt Grayson Photography

© Holmlands – Captured by Matt Grayson Photography

The film itself is set to be release on October 4th, followed by a nine episode web series featuring: Chris Pawlitsky (train driver), Greg Hill (professional adventurer), Izzy Lynch (professional skier), Bill Pollock (retiree), Kelsey Adam (mental health campaigner), Mark Baron (entrepreneur), Shred Kelly (folk rock band), Leah Allison (artist), Faron Ling (RCMP officer) Kristy Whale (night groomer).

Director Cameron Hall is no stranger to the hugely varied stories that can come from the ski world. Having taught in resorts around the world (from the Alps to Dubai) he’s taught some of the world’s most famous faces, represented athletes at the Winter Paralympic games in South Korea and recently held ski film premieres in locations across the UK, Iceland, Switzerland and Canada. It’s no surprise then, that these experiences inspired Holmlands to create a different breed of ski film, one focusing on people and community.

The Revelstoke Diaries will be free to watch from October 4th 2020 on the Holmlands Vimeo and YouTube channels, and will also be available on Amazon Prime in the UK and the US.

Featured Images © Holmlands – Captured by Matt Grayson Photography.