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Megan Hughes

23 Mar 20

The 10 Best Ski Movies for Socially Distancing Snow-Lovers

Megan Hughes

23 Mar 20

With lockdowns meaning we’ll be getting very familiar with our sofas over the next few weeks, what better way to forget you’re not in the mountains than by sticking on one of these epic ski movies and settling in for a seriously snowy adventure?

Whether you want deep powder and epic feats in remote corners of the world, exhilarating ski racing or personal journeys of true skiing legends, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, you can watch most of these movies right now from the comfort of your living room using the links below. Social distancing doesn’t sound quite so bad now eh!

Zabardast – A High Altitude Travel Diary

The first few minutes of this movie are sure to stick in your mind for weeks, even months afterwards. They offer a true representation of how far those that seek the ultimate freeride experiences will go in search of that perfect line.

Zabardast differs from many ski movies in that it’s more of a personal travel diary than an impeccably edited series of segments and perfect lines. This movie shows the ups, the downs and everything in between, giving the viewer a true insight into what it takes to conquer an expedition of this sort. The incredible landscapes of Pakistan are showcased at their raw, unapologetic best and the unfiltered honesty of all involved makes you really feel you are on this journey with them. A film truly deserving of its multiple awards.

Strief – One Hell of a Ride

Ever wondered what it’s really like to take on one of the most difficult and dangerous ski races in the world? Streif – One Hell of a Ride, will take you right into the twists, turns and triumphs of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, undoubtedly one of the most famous ski races in the world. The Hahnenkamm is renowned for its unforgettable moments and its incredibly difficult downhill slope, the Streif. Here, battles are fought and winners are crowned and there’s never ever a dull moment. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the Hahnenkamm for yourself, settling in to watch this movie might just be the next best thing.

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime here or for free on Red Bull TV here.

La Liste

Redefining steep skiing, La Liste sees young skiing star Jérémie Heitz take on the challenge of skiing 15 of the Alps’ steepest 4000 metre peaks in just two ski seasons. Not a quest for the faint hearted, this is a journey that will take him to some of the most challenging and terrifying peaks, stuff that us regular skiers can simply gawp at in astonishment. Trust us, once you’ve watched this, that black run on your next ski holiday won’t seem quite so scary. 

A second film, La Liste: Everything or Nothing is out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that when it drops too!

Watch the full movie here.

Same Difference

Most ski movies tend to focus on just one element of skiing, whether that be the powder, the steepest slopes or the most ridiculous tricks. Same Difference is just that, different. This movie from the award-winning Legs of Steel Crew is a must-watch for those that are interested in all aspects of modern skiing, bringing together three disciplines and the lives of the skiers that are at the top of these fields. It explores how within the many differences of these sports, there are remarkable similarities, and illuminates the mutual love of the sport that links these athletes.

Starring Alpine race legend Felix Neureuther, freeride athletes Fabian Lentsch and Sven Kueenle and freestyle skier Paddy Graham and his gang (whose attempt to redefine gravity with the biggest jump ever attempted has got to be one of the film’s highlights).

Watch the full movie via Red Bull TV here.

Lhotse – The North Face

One of the shorter films on this list but possibly one of the most impressive, Lhotse documents the 2018 journey of Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison, who achieved the first ski descent of the 27,940-foot Lhotse – the fourth-highest mountain in the world. This historic expedition is shown in a truly unfiltered nature, with all its challenges, difficulties and beauty.

Read ‘Skiing the peaks above 8000 Metres’ here


This heart-wrenching film is a hugely inspiring watch, documenting the life of freeskiing pioneer and BASE jumping legend Shane McConkey. It charts his journey from adventurous child to innovative athlete, who inspired a generation with his unique ideas and constant boundary-breaking experiments. His personality leaps from the screen with humour, humility and huge talent. His story shows how, for some people, the call of the mountains is not something you can (or should) ever ignore.

View full movie via Red Bull TV here

The Collective – Faction Skis

Since Faction dropped their new film, THE COLLECTIVE in December, it’s become one of the most talked about ski movies of the 19/20 season, packed with the biggest names in the game and featuring some incredible cinematography. For Faction, skiing is collective, and this film truly demonstrates that. Adventuring to undiscovered peaks together, plotting midnight-raids on inner-city handrails, lapping your home run until that last ray of sunshine disappears behind a distant ridge… This film is Faction’s definition of the collective, written by a diverse team, each with their own ideas, their own forms of expression. It’s a seriously enjoyable ride, almost 50 minutes of epic locations and awesome action – from spine-tingling steep skiing and spectacular sunrise shoots to urban adventures. With a focus on collaboration and collective stoke, it’s the perfect film to stick a smile on your face, social isolation or not!

Few Words – Candide Thovex

If you’re a skiing fanatic, there’s no doubt you will have spent hours marvelling over the things Candide Thovex can do. Whether it’s dropping huge cliffs or skiing down the Great Wall of China, his highly popular videos always seem to make the impossible possible.

Released in 2012, Few Words is Candide’s first (and so far only) feature film. This award-winning documentary gives us a unique insight into the life story of this legendary freeskier, exploring how his distinctive, ground-breaking skiing style was developed. For those that know and love his more light-hearted videos, such as One of Those Days and Ski The World, Few Words offers the perfect opportunity to see a different side to this legendary skier.

Unbroken: The Snowboarding Life of Mark McMorris

OK technically not a ‘ski’ film, but we simply had to include Unbroken as one of our top picks for self-isolation viewing. Unbroken follows the 23-year-old Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris on his comeback season after a gruelling 6-month rehab stint, following him as he earns his spot on the Canadian Olympic team. Then in March 2017, everything changes. When exploring the Whistler backcountry with his brother and friends, the cameras capture a horrific accident, one that leaves Mark clinging to life. What comes next is an intimate journey back to his board, with McMorris facing challenges both mental and physical.

This is a movie that will truly make you think, not only about the dangers that professional skiers and snowboarders face and the pressure they put their bodies under, but also about the risks that we all take when it comes to the sport we love.

Watch the full film via Red Bull TV here.

Blizzard of Aahhh’s

There’s no doubt about it – Blizzard of Aahhh’s is an absolute classic when it comes to ski movies. A raw, refreshing look at the true world of extreme skiing, which has often been credited as an inspiration for many ski films that have come after it. If you’re looking for the most modern ski movie, the biggest tricks and the most spectacular drone shots, the Blizzard of Aahhh’s is perhaps one to skip. However, if you’re looking for a true depiction of extreme skiing back when it was all first taking off, this is a hugely interesting, illuminating and entertaining watch.

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