New Ski Gondola Lift Opens in Bosnia

A new gondola lift nearly a mile in length has opened at the Ravna Planina ski centre in Bosnia, near the country’s capital and 1984 Olympic host city, Sarajevo.

The new 1,400m-long gondola at the ski area near the town of Pale is the first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lift is reported to be just one part of a multi-lift project christened “Jahorina Express”, which aims to connect Pale with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s famed Jahorina ski mountain, one of the country’s most important tourist resorts. Ravna Planina now has 7.5km of ski runs all accessed by the new lift, the longest 1.4km long and approved to FIS-race standards.

Sarajevo’s major, also present at the opening, agreed, adding, “The Golijan family has done what many could not do with their own resources and energy. Even some countries of the region do not have the power to make facilities like this. For 15 years, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the city of Sarajevo have been trying to build a cable car, but have been unable to finish it.”

The Bosnian War ended in 1995.