Patrick Thorne

09 Oct 15

Interview With Brad Rowell – Freestyle Snowboarder

Patrick Thorne

09 Oct 15

Fourteen year old Brad Rowell is an up-and-coming freestyle snowboarder from Dorset who trains on the local Snowtrax dry slope and is also part of the GB Park and Pipe Academy. LTM asked Brad about his career to date and future plans.

You’re a member of the GB Park and Pipe Academy; how did that came about ?

BR : After competing on the UK circuit and gaining top podiums for a few years I needed to progress further and wanted the chance to train with some of the best coaches in the UK and I was invited into the GB Park and Pipe Academy to train. I sent in an application and was chosen, and then I had to attend a fitness evaluation.

What’s your favourite gear

BR : I love my Buff gear. Buff were my very first sponsor and they are great designs, really practical, so comfy to wear, keep me warm and they provide great protection !

Favourite tricks ?

BR : Double Front Flip, Melon 900 and Cork.

You started as a skier but switched to boarding… How old were you when you started skiing and why do you like boarding more ?

BR : I started skiing when I was four and a moody French ski instructor put me off; then years later I was bought snowboarding lessons for my 11th birthday and I got on so much better and found it so much more fun !

Finally, what are your ambitions and targets for the coming years ?

BR : I would love to live in Canada and snowboard there and I aim to represent GB at the Olympics one day and to hopefully compete in the X Games.

 bradrowellsnowboarder.com | buffwear.co.uk