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//Ski Protection

Megan Hughes

20 Oct 20

Ski Lock Review

Megan Hughes

20 Oct 20

A holiday in the mountains is a time for relaxation, a time to enjoy yourself and to get away from the stresses of life back at home. However, this state of relaxation can also mean we’re not quite so aware of security as normal, as we can be so focused on enjoying our holiday that we neglect the tools allowing us to enjoy it – our skis!

Let’s face it, skiing is not the cheapest hobby, and whether you’ve hired or bought your skis, you’re likely to have spent quite a bit of money on them. The last thing you want is to lose them and have to fork out even more for the privilege – even if you do have insurance!

So, when you head off on your ski holiday we’d always recommend adding a ski lock to your kit. There are a number of different ski lock options out there, but our favourite has got to be the Ski Security Ski Lock. Small, light, easy to carry and great value for money, this is one of the first items in our backpack at the start of a ski day!

Why? Well, we’d all like to believe that everyone in the world is good and decent, but it’s a sad truth that skis do get stolen. Think about the hundreds of pairs of skis and poles left outside mountain restaurants each day without a second thought. If we assume that each pair is worth £100-300, it’s incredible to think about the value just sat, unprotected on the slopes.

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You’d never leave your new bike outside a pub without a lock, so why do we do the same with our skis and poles? Indeed, police in France’s Isère region have recently launched a campaign warning skiers not to leave equipment unattended, after discovering stolen items worth €16,000 (£13,900)!

Poles are particularly easy to steal, as even when you’ve locked your skis using a traditional ski lock, you can’t secure your poles within the wire. You have to leave them alongside the locked skis and just hope they’re still there when you return.

This is where Ski Lock is different. Not only does it secure your skis, but it also secures your poles, thanks to a designated part of the clamp that ensures your poles aren’t going anywhere when locked in!

However, theft isn’t the only cause of skis going missing. Mistaken identity is a large factor in many skis going missing, especially rental skis. Stores will often rent out multiple pairs of the same ski, with the only difference being length and boot settings. This makes mix-ups common, sometimes going un-noticed until the following morning, when one skier tries to clip in and finds their bindings suddenly the wrong size! Using a Ski Lock will ensure that this doesn’t happen and you don’t have to spend your morning going from hire shop to hire shop to see if anyone has returned your skis!

So, where are skis and poles most vulnerable?

Mountain restaurants are of course one such place, as well as hotel and hire shop locker rooms, which are often left unlocked and come with the assumption that everyone knows exactly which skis are theirs.

The statistics aren’t clear cut, as equipment stolen in valleys can be covered by a different law enforcement agency to that on the mountains – especially in USA ski resorts. However, it’s likely that all of us know someone who’s had skis get lost, stolen or mixed up at some point.

Simply put, skis are an investment and they need to be protected as such. Even if you do find them, losing your skis can mean the loss of a valuable day, or at least a few hours of your ski holiday – and we all know how important each and every minute is in the mountains!

Ski Lock costs £29.99 and can be ordered direct by phone with a card on 0845 644 6512 or online via Amazon.


Price: 29.99

  • Clamp - The lock quickly adjusts to fit around the waist of your skis, ensuring that it can't be removed easily.  Simply hook the lock over the skis and move towards the bindings until it is a snug fit.
  • Ski type and size - Ski Lock fits downhill skis that have a waist of approximately 70mm to 96mm - depending on thickness of skis.
  • Easy to lock - Engage the lock simply by pressing it.  A cover protects it from the elements and only needs to be removed when unlocking.
  • Ski poles - Your ski poles can be put in a special part of the clamp, which is secured when the lock is engaged.
  • Anchor to prevent movement - A plastic-coated, steel cable wraps around a stand or even the loop of another lock and is secured back to the clamp.
  • Carrying - Wrap the cable around the outside of the frame and secure it to the lock.  The clamp is pocket-sized - for easy carrying.
  • Lightweight materials - Weight is minimised by the use of an aluminium bar and cold is resisted with high impact plastic. The locking mechanism is made of stainless steel.