Patrick Thorne

12 Nov 19

Secure Your Skis and Your Holiday Happiness with Ski Lock

Patrick Thorne

12 Nov 19

When we’re on our ski holiday, we’ll hopefully be enjoying a relaxed week, enjoying the stunning scenery, the great food, the joy of skiing and escaping the cares of our lives back home.

That can mean we may not be as conscious about security as we normally are, and sadly if things go wrong as a result, that can mean an abrupt end to that holiday feeling.

One common occurrence is the loss of your skis and/or poles. Even if the loss is covered by insurance, the hassle factor can ruin at least a day of your holiday as you source replacements of equal quality (which may not be easy, especially if you’ve put a lot of thought in to choosing your perfect skis), report the loss to the local police and submit your insurance claim.

The good news is that a small British company supplies a device that can securely lock your skis and poles. It’s small, affordable and simple to use, so all in all it’s a no-brainer when it comes to providing simple security without interfering with your holiday.

Ski Lock is lightweight, weighing less than 210g, and is designed to hold downhill Alpine skis and poles. It’s fast and easy to secure your skis, with the lock activating with one button press. Then when you’re ready to go again, it’s quick to release with a key.

You can use the lock to secure your skis and poles, not just in the usual locations where they can be stolen like outside a mountain restaurant or from a ski rack at the base of the lifts, but also in locations like the locker room in your hotel, chalet or apartment where you might not be fully confident about who has access.

Sometimes skis or poles are not even taken by thieves but are picked up in error by someone who has owned or rented skis that look identical but perhaps of slightly different length or binding setting, but unfortunately the result can still be the same. Police in many ski resorts frequently issue warnings to skiers to secure their gear.

Ski Lock costs £29.99 and can be ordered direct by phone with a card on 0845 644 6512 or online via Amazon. skilock.co.uk