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Patrick Thorne

08 Jul 22

Freestyle Dual Moguls & Ski Mountaineering Added to 2026 Olympics

Patrick Thorne

08 Jul 22

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that there’ll be two new-to-the-Olympics competitions at the 2026 Winter Games in Milano-Cortina.

Women’s Freestyle Skiing Dual Moguls and Men’s Freestyle Skiing Dual Moguls were added to the programme for the next Winter Olympics at an IOC Executive board meeting. Ski Mountaineering has also been added as a new discipline.

The additions bring the total number of FIS medal events at the Olympic Winter Games to 58. In Beijing 2022, the FIS staged 55 of the 109 medal events. Ski Mountaineering has a separate governing body to the FIS.

The IOC also announced that the Alpine Combined Event, the original ski event but one which saw few top level competitors compete in at Beijing earlier this year, is “under review.”  The FIS has proposed an Alpine Combined Team Event for the 2026 Programme.

However the FIS will propose that the Team Event would be in addition to the traditional Alpine Combined not a replacement to it and instead replace the Alpine Mixed Team Parallel, which will not be on the 2026 Programme due to the travel logistics between the venues.

Some ski events proposed for the 2026 Games have not made it onto the programme, including a Ski Cross Mixed Team and Snowboard Mixed Team Parallel Slalom.

Pictured, Britain’s Thomas Gerken-Schofield competing in 2019.

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