What’s New in Les 2 Alpes for Winter 2018/2019

Les 2 Alpes has multiple long-term development projects involving its ski area, property and facilities. A number of these started work in May 2018, with the resort preparing for the future. More than ever before, Les 2 Alpes is positioning itself as a benchmark and market leader among the major French ski resorts… Modernity and the ability to draw visitors in are the keywords for Les 2 Alpes’ future! Over the next 5 years, Les 2 Alpes’ large-scale projects represent an investment of almost 500 million Euros (ski lifts, ski run equipment, expanding the artificial snow cover, leisure properties and public infrastructure).


2018: Building the future

A new 8-seater detachable chair lift on La Toura sector (2,600 metres) will replace the 2 Toura and Lac Noir chair lifts. This new chair lift will increase the number of skiers per hour.

2019: Huge wave of investment on the ski area

New chair lifts will be built on the sectors of Les Crêtes, Le Thuit, Le Super Venosc and Pierre Grosse (La Fée sector / middle of the La Fée sector up to the top of Le Signal chair lift on the glacier). This will allow for the ski area to be rearranged, allowing clients to discover new snowsports areas and to clear crowds on the major route of the Jandri Express blue run and gondola lift (2nd phase).

Between 2019 and 2021:

Project to extend the artificial snow network
Between spring 2019 and 2021, Deux Alpes Loisirs, the company that operates the ski area, will be continuing its work to preserve the snow mantle with the construction of La Mura reservoir and associated pumping premises, as well as expanding the network between Les Crêtes (2,100 metres) and Le Grand Nord (2,600 metres). The goal is to eventually guarantee a minimum 30% coverage of the ski area surface in artificial snow. Today, Les 2 Alpes has 250 artificial snowmakers (including 6 on the glacier) and produces 360,000m³ of artificial snow.
Between 2020 and 2023: Les 2 Alpes is changing its look for the long-term

The resort will build a new 3S gondola lift to replace the Jandri Express. The transportation rate will be three times higher than the Jandri Express (4,000 people an hour versus 1,200 people an hour today). The Alpe d’Huez – Les 2 Alpes link is planned for 2022. The construction of the future cable link between Alpe d’Huez and Les 2 Alpes will take place between the villages of Auris and Mont de Lans; transport routes between Mont de Lans, the resort and Les 2 Alpes’ summits will also be redesigned. The plan is for the Force 2-seater Mont de Lans chair lift to be replaced by a gondola lift to Village 1800 (resort) and Les Crêtes (2,100 metres).


Multiple property developments between now and 2020 Les 2 Alpes will benefit from a major property development scheme and governmental support to create higher quality rental accommodation. 3,500 additional beds will be created within the next 3 years.

2018: an ultramodern hostel

On the 15th of December 2018, an ultramodern hostel with 364 beds will open in Les 2 Alpes – The People Hostel. A brand belonging to the France Hostels group which operates its first establishment in Lille, The People Hostel – Les 2 Alpes will comprise 45 private bedrooms, as well as 41 shared bedrooms each with 4, 6 or 8 beds. All available from €19 per night only! The People Hostel – Les 2 Alpes will also have a restaurant and a bar open to the public, a chill-out room and a terrace.

2019: several renovations are taking place

A new look for La Résidence building (Croix des Limites), as well as the addition of a chalet (multiple apartments).

The former Les Alpinistes hotel is becoming a new ODALYS residence (apartments / 500 beds and shops).
Terres de Venosc housing estate situated between La Place de la Croix des Limites and Le Diamant building on the Vallée Blanche side will offer 30 luxury chalets (700 beds).

SAFILAF Néméa Tourist Residence, between Les Marmottes residence and the Vallée Blanche chair lift (931 beds/ 104 4-star apartments and 91 4-star Premium apartments).

Le Chalet du Soleil Residence (Terrésens) will offer 221 beds (44 apartments).

2020: a new multi-residence 

Les Glaciers residence (at the resort entrance), one of Les 2 Alpes’ first buildings is going to become a multi-residence (SEMCODA) with a hotel (50 bedrooms), a tourist residence with 32 apartments, a residence for senior citizens with 50 apartments, and another building with 44 apartments totalling an additional 618 beds.

LES CLARINES residence (MMV) on the Super Venosc sector will be renovated into 160 apartments / 800 beds).

Les 2 Alpes is welcoming a 2nd Le Belambra establishment in Le Village 1800.


All of these ski area and property development projects bring with them new employees and services. These too will be major factors in term of the resort’s attractiveness to visitors.

The project will be carried out by 2020: reorganisation of car parks throughout the resort, Maison du Tourisme renovation, public transport reorganisation, helistation, aquafun centre, skatepark, fibre optic broadband.


In 2009, the resort was awarded the national FAMILLE PLUS MONTAGNE label, which guarantees a dedicated and quality service for children spending their winter holiday in Les 2 Alpes. (Certification requirements: A crèche for children from the age of six months, children cared for by professionals, activities to suit every age, quality infrastructure, medical first aid for minor injuries, and family pricing policy.)


European Ski School is launching a mini snowboarding school with adapted snowboards and lessons for children from 3 to 6 years old. From €45 per hour, equipment included. www.europeanskischool.eu

Explorers’ hike: a 1.5km route with animalthemed questions. The walk takes place on the snow front up to St Benoît chapel. You just need to collect your travel journal from the Tourist Office and you’re off on a beautiful discovery to find out everything there is to know about mountain wildlife. And this is completely free!

A snow bowling alley or how to “unstick” the most pins in an inflatable rubber ring, every Monday at 4.30pm. This activity is run free of charge by the tourist office.

A doughnut-style inflatable rubber ring slide – jump on to an enormous mattress or air bag (every afternoon, €3).

A yoga session (Hatha yoga, exercises + relaxation) every Friday morning, in the snow, facing La Muzelle mountain (from 10.30am to 11.30am). This activity is free of charge, run by the Tourist Office.


Les 2 Alpes has a kid’s park for children under 10 years old. They can learn and practice freestyle in a safe environment. Located in Les Crêtes area, it includes a lift, banked turned and bumps. There are five free lifts at the bottom of the resorts. The ski pass is free for children under 5 years old, and there are special discounted family passes.

The Babysnow is a piece of equipment for winter sports. Developed by a ski instructor / mountain guide from Les 2 Alpes, it is like a snowscooter but for children aged between 1 and 4 years old. It can be used while snowshoeing, walking or skiing. Adults and children can have fun together. The Babysnow is for sale or rental in most sport shops in Les 2 Alpes. It is also available in some hotels. The Ski School of Les 2 Alpes offers training to parents who would like to try the Babysnow with their children. It can be used on the five free lifts at the bottom of the slopes.

Les 2 Alpes offers many other activities for children (swimming pool, bowling, ice gliders, ice cave visit, donkey museum in Venosc village, dog sledding, mini snowmobile) as well as entertainment all winter.