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Megan Hughes

05 Jun 19

Which Skis To Bring For BASI Level 1

Megan Hughes

05 Jun 19

So you’re taking on your first BASI qualification – congratulations, this is sure to be an exciting ride! However, you may now be wondering what skis to bring for BASI Level 1? To make the most out of this course, it’s hugely important to make sure you are prepared and have the appropriate skis.

We brought some BASI alumni – Rob Stewart, BASI Level 3 and Fiona Gillet, BASI Level 2, to the 2019 SIGB Ski Test, to talk us through the best skis for the 2019/20 season for those taking on their BASI Level 1.

Firstly, it’s important to avoid freestyle, freeride or powder skis – there’s just no point turning up on big backcountry powder planks when the majority of your time hereon will be spent on the pistes. What you want is a more narrow, stiff, high performance piste ski.

Before you panic, no, this doesn’t mean that you need a top of the range race ski, but it means that you need a high quality, piste oriented ski. One that is happy in both long and short radius turns and is stable, with good edge grip. If you are looking to progress to your BASI Level 2, you are going to need a ski that can also handle bumps and more variable snow, whilst still giving you great piste performance.

Here are some of our top picks for 2019/20 as tested by our BASI instructors at the SIGB Ski Test.

For Men

The Fischer RC Curv Ti

68mm underfoot.

Head Supershape Magnum

72mm underfoot.

Anything between 68mm and 72mm underfoot is perfect for that great piste performance you will want during your BASI Level 1.

If you are going on to do your BASI Level 2, you may find that on these skis you compromise a little in more variable terrain, but it’s definitely worth it for the piste performance, which makes up much more of your training.

For Women

Volkl Flair SC

73mm underfoot.

This is the more gentle option for women taking on the BASI Level 1. A lovely smooth ski perfect for learning and practicing the techniques that BASI require and feeling the different sensations and positions on the slope.

Rossignol Nova 10 Ti

A more exciting choice for expert skiers and those from racing backgrounds who are used to fast, powerful skis.

You won’t be harnessing the full power of this ski in your BASI Level 1, but it will provide you with a solid base for the course and a good platform to begin Level 2, as well as giving you a lot of fun on your days off!


Head Supershape

72mm underfoot.

A highly popular, classic ski for instructor training. Even those not from a racing background will benefit from this ski, which will encourage and aid development through the course. A great choice for anyone aiming to progress to their BASI Level 2 as well.

Volkl Racetiger SC

72mm underfoot.

A stiff, high performance ski that really comes into its own on carving turns.

We’ve chosen our top skis to bring for BASI Level 1 from brands which do have racing heritage, meaning they understand exactly what performance piste skiers need.

In essence, you just have to make sure you arrive to your BASI Level 1 with a good, performance piste ski. Leave the fat freeride skis or freestyle twin tips at home for now!

For more information about BASI, head to: www.basi.org.uk