Watch Eva Walkner’s and Jackie Paaso’s big mountain skiing film: Evolution Of Dreams – The Beginning

STORY BY Emmanuelle Châtel

The first instalment of Eva Walkner’s and Jackie Paaso’s two-year film project. “Evolution Of Dreams – The Beginning,” is the first part of a two-year project by Eva Walkner and Jackie Paaso.

It tells the story of Eva, Jackie and their love of skiing and the mountains. Eva who started as an alpine ski racer, and Jackie a mogul skier both had careers plagued by injuries and setbacks. Their dreams of Olympic gold had been smashed and disappointment set in. Years later a new flame was rekindled for these two ladies within the sport of freeride skiing. In this new discipline, the two have accomplished much. Eva Walkner has won twice the overall title in the Freeride World Tour, Jackie has come second and won the most prestigious freeride event, the Verbier XTreme. Evolution of Dreams the full version will be released in fall 2018. In the full version, the two, accompanied by the French professional alpinist Marion Poitevin, go out in terrain that is not particularly familiar to them to try to develop their skills further in the world of ski mountaineering. Here, two qualities are required that they already succeeded in prior: working on their own abilities to learn quickly, adapt and being able to control their own fear.

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