Tour Operator Guarantees Prices And Offers 5% Brexit Savings

Patrick Thorne

27 Jun 16

Having been largely against the UK leaving the EU prior to the vote last Thursday, citing a likely weaker pound and travel restrictions as likely long-term outcomes, ski tour operators are now rallying to make the best of it after predominantly older voters in some parts of England and Wales tipped the UK in to a leave vote.

“Despite the “interesting” EU referendum result, we are pleased to confirm that whatever happens to the £/€ rate we will be holding our excellent current prices  – and offering a 5% Brexit discount to anybody who books direct within 30 days of referendum day,” said Nick Williams, Managing Director of Mountain Heaven, who added,

“Furthermore we guarantee that there will be no surcharges imposed on anybody who has booked by the 23rd July, in the event that the markets react badly to the news.”

Mountain Heaven offers ski holidays to destinations both inside (France – including La Plagne, pictured above) and outside (Switzerland) the EU and has recently announced it will be offering tours to Iran next winter.