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Emmanuelle Châtel

27 Apr 16

[GREEN] Taking Green Action On The Mountain

Emmanuelle Châtel

27 Apr 16

Global warming and climate issues are nowadays one of the greatest threat and strongly impact our winters. Ski tourism, which depends heavily on climate conditions, is primarily concerned by this global change, but also have its own impact on it. Would it be possible for a winter sports resort to be totally environmental sustainable ? This is what the Swiss resort of LAAX aims to do and become an entirely self-powered ski resort.

Careful about preserving its environment and wildlife, LAAX decided to focus on the climate change issues and reduce their impact on the mountain. To defend this vision they implemented a concrete plan of action with a dedicated team working for five years now on a big project called «GreenStyle»

“We don’t just want to talk about climate change, we want to stop it.”

Indeed, at LAAX it is considered that the energy used in the mountain should be covered by renewable energy. Many valuable measures and energy-saving initiatives have already been implemented to protect the environment and reduce their contribution to climate change.

Promote Renewable Energy

Multiple solar power plants on the mountain enable to meet the resort electricity demand currently produced through 100% CO2-neutral hydroelectric power.
The resort also rely on solar power production, steadily increasing, notably through the installation of solar panels at all the new lift stations.

Less Consumption For More Benefits

Changes occur up the hill but not only. To achieve the goal of energy efficiency implies to reduce the resort energy consumption and therefore hotels, restaurants and buildings. The newly constructed buildings follow a ‘positive energy’ philosophy and use sustainable construction materials. This results in a positive annual energy balance. So the positive energy buildings produces more energy that it receives. The energy required for heating and hot water is obtained through solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.


Doing More To Impact Less

The resort has gone to other imortant measures to reduce its environmental impact. Such as a better snow management, hybrid snow groomers, investments in the latest technologies for a more effective grooming of the 235 kilometers of slopes and thus to a reduction of emissions and consumption.
LAAX also encourage waste reduction and recycling by providing a selective multi-bin disposal point in the resort and on ski slopes.

«We need snow – however, at the moment, the snow needs us. In the future we will get to enjoy fewer and fewer powder days unless we act now to do something against climate change»

I Am Pro Snow

LAAX receives support from big names of the industry. Snowboarders as Nicolas Muller or Sina Candrian are proud to support the «I Am Pro Snow» campaign to raise awareness about climate issues and promote sustainability.