Snow-Camp Charity New Campaign #Switch180

Successfully changing the direction of young people’s lives since 2003 through skiing & snowboarding,  Youth charity Snow-Camp have launched a new campaign called #Switch180 to highlight that we must do more as a society to provide positive opportunities for our young people.


What’s the campaign about?

Giving young people positive opportunities can turn their lives around. Snow-Camp’s #Switch180 campaign aims to highlight the critical importance of supporting our young people at this key time in their lives, and shows that we must do more as a society to provide the right opportunities for young people today, whether that’s through Snow-Camp’s programmes or otherwise.

Why focus on this issue? Snow-Camps research:

We conducted our own research in partnership with YouGov in December 2017, which showed that:

71% of young people feel they need more support from society to help them to achieve their potential.

76% of young people believe that the lack of positive opportunities puts young people at an increased risk of falling into crime and antisocial behaviour.

The research proves that we must do more to provide positive activities and opportunities for young people – this can make all the difference to the direction their lives take. Positive opportunities such as Snow-Camp can motivate and inspire young people to achieve their potential, reducing the risk of falling into crime and antisocial behaviour and inspiring them towards rewarding and successful futures. The statistics make it all too clear why Snow-Camp’s work is needed’ rather than ‘why our work is needed




Snow-Camp’s campaign film follows the story of one Snow-Camp young person, Laquan, and how just one positive opportunity made all the difference to his life.

Snow-Camp would really appreciate it if you could share the film on social media using the hashtag #Switch180. The more people that know about the campaign, the bigger the impact, so thank you for sharing on your channels!