Pejo3000 may be the smallest ski resort in Val di Sole but it is also a pearl in the Stelvio National Park and home to some of Italy’s highest and most snowsure ski slopes, surrounded by some of Trentino’s highest peaks.

There are 20 kilometres of slopes altogether, served by 7 modern ski lifts, including an incredible 8 km (5 miles) long run from the top of the slopes at 3000 m down 1600 vertical metres to Pejo Fonti.


Stelvio National Park

Being located within the Stelvio National Park means that you’re surrounded by centuries-old forests and it is not unusual, especially in the early morning or towards dusk, to meet the odd animal or see their tracks in the snow.

But Pejo has plenty for all kinds of winter visitors. Even if you are not there to ski or board, you can still enjoy the breathtaking snowy landscapes with a trip on the Pejo3000 cable car.


Skiers first though and there’s everything provided for a fabulous family ski holiday including snow parks, ski schools, fun slopes, kids’ runs and of course welcoming mountain huts.

Along with that wonderful long run from the top, you’ll also find a great fun slope with jumps, waves and sharp turns for adults, then tunnels, small jumps and colourful play figures to ‘high five’ among other fun hits.

Trentino Skisunrise is a particular treat possible in Pejo when you’ll carve your way down immaculate slopes at dawn, being the first to ski down freshly groomed slopes, in the clear, rosy light of dawn. After this special experience, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast made with local products in a mountain hut as everyone else starts their ski day.


One remarkable achievement of the ski centre is that in 2019, Pejo3000 became the first plastic-free ski area in the world! Plastic plates, cups, straws or bottles are all banned thanks to the support of all businesses in the ski area. It’s part of a wider project to preserve the beauty and authenticity of the region’s natural environment, promoting eco-sustainable tourism. 

Pejo Fonti, the resort at the base of the slopes, is the oldest tourist resort in Val di Sole, famous for its various mineral springs. Guests can enjoy all the beneficial properties of the three different mineral springs at the Pejo Thermal Spa Centre which is open year-round.



For non-skiers, or those liking to enjoy other activities alongside skiing and boarding, Val di Peio allows you to experience local history and art. A must-visit is Casa Grazioli, an old farmer’s home that gives visitors an idea of what life was like in the past. There’s also the White War Museum which houses a collection of memorabilia, firearms and photographs from WWI and you can also visit one of the working old dairies in the area. 

Adults and children alike will enjoy visiting the Wildlife Area where you learn more about local wildlife and see deer, including roe deer, up close or the Stelvio National Park visitors centre.

Other outdoor activities besides downhill include cross-country ski tracks, perfect for beginners, with three easy trails for a total of 3,5 km, all providing magnificent views. There are also loads of great snowshoeing itineraries that you can try on your own or with an expert mountain guide.

For information on getting to Pejo please see this link.

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