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Patrick Thorne

20 Jan 20

SkiFit Yoga Workshop at Milton Keynes Snozone

Patrick Thorne

20 Jan 20

YogaTonicUK and Crystal Ski Holidays are organising a free SkiFit workshop on Saturday 25th January 2020 at Milton Keynes Snozone from 10-11am

The workshop will include yoga, cardio fitness and meditation and has been designed for all ages.

Indeed the organisers are keen to welcome families wishing to get fitness tips ahead of February half term holiday and Easter ski trips.

YogaTonic’s online fitness, yoga and mediation classes to help skiers and boarders get fit and flexible ahead of their ski holiday have proved a huge hit since their launch last autumn.

Those using the videos as a tool in their pre-ski fitness regime have praised the friendly and realistic approach to fitness and flexibility delivered in the 25-30 minute online classes, which are spread over six levels of intensity which can be progressed through as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

SkiFit Yoga Workshop at Milton Keynes Snozone

Subscriptions to the service are now offered half-price as a perk for those booking their ski holidays with the UK’s largest ski holiday company Crystal.

YogaTonicUK have now added to their SkiFit programmes by creating three new videos for families to get SkiFit together; encouraging both adults and children to follow the sequences before going skiing.

With 3 videos, each lasting 30 minutes, families are guided through a gentle warm up, a cardio session, followed by some partner yoga. Each video finishes with a short guided meditation to re enforce a positive mindset when on the slopes.

The family package is available now online for £15 here. 

There are a maximum of 40 places available at the Milton Keynes class on Saturday and each attendee will also be offered a half price online SkiFit package of their choice from YogaTonicUK.

Those wishing to participate in the class should be booked in advance online here.