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Megan Hughes

16 Dec 21

Ski Stress Free This Winter

Megan Hughes

16 Dec 21

No matter what this winter season brings, Crystal Ski Holidays have got you covered. 

What do you miss most about the mountains? The chill of the fresh Alpine air, the crunch of the snow beneath your boots, that weightless feeling of soaring down a slope, the warm satisfaction of an evening fondue…

It may seem cliché, but those of us who love the mountains know that a ski holiday is not just about the skiing. It’s not just the pristine slopes and deep powder that we miss, it’s the entire way of life that no other getaway can recreate.

No matter how many snowdomes or dry slopes you frequent, nothing has quite the same feel as a winter holiday in the mountains.

As such, it’s unsurprising that for many of us, a year away has been more than enough! We are determined to get back out to the slopes this winter, to support the businesses that allow us to enjoy it, and to switch off from the stresses of everyday life.

Of course, we have to acknowledge that this winter is different. The world has changed and (for the time being at least) so too has travel, there’s no avoiding that. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the mountains. With Crystal Ski Holidays, you can plan and book your holiday with complete peace of mind, safe in the certainty that they have every base covered.

Ski Stress Free This Winter

Indeed, over the past few years certainty has been something pretty hard to come by. Whether it’s a wedding, holiday, even a simple birthday party, changing rules and restrictions have meant planning ahead no longer provides the security it used to.

Planning a ski holiday has been much the same. With the UK and ski destinations changing their entry requirements and in-resort restrictions, many skiers have been scrambling to understand how their holidays will be affected and whether they will be out of pocket.

As such, complete financial protection has never been more important when booking a holiday. When booking with a reputable company such as Crystal, you’ll receive a package holiday that’s fully ABTA & ATOL protected, covering everything from your flight to your transfer and accommodation.

On top of this, Crystal Ski Holidays have updated their extensive Crystal Holiday Promise to ensure your ski holiday is covered, no matter what happens this season.

Crystal won’t take you on holiday to a destination that is on the red list at the time of your departure. If they do cancel your booking, you can get your money back within 14 days or you’ll have the option to change your booking to a different destination, or to a later date.

For holidays between December 2021 and April 2022, you can change your holiday dates or accommodation fee-free up to 28 days before your departure date, whatever the reason.

But what if you catch Covid before your departure? We know this is a worry for many skiers this year, but in updating the Crystal Holiday promise, Crystal Ski Holidays have you covered on this front too.

If you’re unable to travel because someone in your party tests positive for Covid-19 or has to self-isolate, or vaccination or quarantine requirements have changed since you booked and you can no longer travel, you can make a change right up until the day of departure. See the Crystal Ski Holidays website for the full T&Cs.

Ski Stress Free This Winter

You’ll also be covered by the package holiday refund guarantee, so you can sit back and get excited for your trip, safe in the knowledge that if things do go awry (though of course we’ve everything crossed!) you won’t ever be out of pocket.

In addition, one of the reasons so many skiers trust Crystal with their ski holidays is the expert service you receive every step of the way.

These guys seriously know their stuff when it comes to skiing and are always up to date with the latest travel information and in-resort restrictions, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.  They will consistently keep you updated on any restrictions in your destination that they believe could significantly impact your enjoyment, and will give you the chance to change your booking.

You can also download the free Ski Explorer app to make sure you’re on top of all the latest snow reports, resort info and more.

For further information on the Crystal Holiday Promise, click here.