Patrick Thorne

24 Mar 24


Patrick Thorne

24 Mar 24

Fondue lovers can find nirvana in Gstaad now as six huge fondue pots have appeared on the mountains around the famous ski town, each designed so that you can sit inside and enjoy, well, a fondue.

To enjoy your fondue in one you can simply rent a fondue backpack which contains fresh scrumptuous local ingredients, pot, heater, plates and cutlery. Designed to carry food for two people backpack rentals cost 18 Swiss Francs per person.

You can choose between a traditional thick cheese fondue or a particularly flavoursome truffle fondue made by the local dairies. The backpack also contains crusty fondue bread supplied by the local bakeries, spices, fondue pot, warmer, plates and forks.

Gstaad has also launched a raclette backpack at the same rental cost.

Most of the giant fondue pots are on hiking or snowshoeing trails but one, the Caquelon, is located  between the mountain station and the Rinderberg middle lift station and in .winter can be reached on skis as it is located directly on the ski slope.

“In Fondueland Gstaad, there is nothing more natural than enjoying a delicious fondue surrounded by the mountain landscape. In a place where fresh air, lush pastures and herbs provide the best possible foundation for outstanding cheese,” a resort spokesperson commented.

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