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Patrick Thorne

10 Aug 19

Ski Shop Closing After 3 Decades Blames Internet and Brexit

Patrick Thorne

10 Aug 19

One of the owners of an independent ski and snowboard shop located near Chichester that is to close after nearly three decades has blamed online-only retailers as the primary issue that has forced it out of business.

Steve Filary, who has owned ski shop Rinskis for 29 years, told the Chichester Observer that he felt “bitter” that his shop had to close but thanked loyal customers, but told the paper,

“I don’t want to thank the people who came into the shop, tried clothes on for half an hour, and then left after saying they had found it cheaper online. It is bad taste, cheeky and rude.”

Mr Filary said the shop could not compete against online retailers and said they had had meetings with their local MP to raise the issue.

He also said Brexit uncertainty was a further factor, claiming that people didn’t know whether to travel abroad to ski, meaning they are less likely to buy items from a ski shop.

Steve is now planning on using his 30 years experience to set up a ski boot fitting, ski/snowboard servicing unit along with eBike sales, servicing and eBike tours up on the South Downs.

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