Megan Hughes

30 Oct 20

Petition Launched To Save Seasonal Travel Jobs

Megan Hughes

30 Oct 20

In what is already a difficult time for the travel industry, the organisation Seasonal Businesses in Travel (SBiT) have revealed that up to 25,000 jobs in the industry could be at risk post-Brexit if action is not taken. To try and raise awareness of this crisis, SBiT have launched a petition to save seasonal travel jobs, calling for the UK and Europe to implement a visa exemption scheme, allowing young people to work seasonal jobs without a visa.

According to SBiT, outbound travel currently contributes £37.1 Billion to the national economy, far more than the UK farming or fishing industries. However, those that work in travel don’t seem to have any confidence that their jobs will be safe, regardless of how important they are to the economy.

It seems the majority of those who will be affected by visa restrictions post-Brexit are young adults. SBiT have found that 87% of the 25,000 people working in the seasonal travel industry are aged between 18-34 yrs old, all of whom contribute towards ensuring fantastic holidays for British skiers. Whether they are employed as nannies, drivers, chefs, reps, or even resort managers, these young people are working hard to create amazing holidays, as well as developing new skills to transfer to jobs back in the UK.

SBiT said: “With young people being the hardest hit when it comes to job losses as a result of COVID, we think it is high time for our Government to stop arguing about fishing quotas or breaking international law and do all they can to protect these 25,000 jobs and all the training and travel opportunities that comes with them”.

Anti-Brexit campaginer Femi Oluwole has been interviewing seasonal workers to discover just how many opportunities for young people’s jobs and careers will be affected should they lose the ability to work seasons in the EU:

Sign the petition here. 

SBiT is an organisation of over 200 members, set up to lobby and raise awareness of the impacts of Brexit on the travel industry.

If you are interested here is some more information about the impact of Brexit on UK Jobs in Outbound Tourism, or more info about SBIT, click here.