The Secret to a Stress-Free Group Ski Holiday

There’s no denying that a group ski holiday is one of the best ways to enjoy the mountains. From sharing epic powder runs with your best mates to making memories at après-ski with your family and friends, a group ski trip is a whole lot of fun.

Making this unforgettable week happen, however? Often not quite so enjoyable.

Organising a ski trip for a group can be incredibly stressful. From all the differing opinions on initial decisions – where to go, when to go, how to get there – to the logistical nightmare that is booking accommodation and flights for all your pals. Nervously inputting everyone’s passport numbers, collecting deposits, dealing with the non-stop WhatsApp messages and lengthy email chains – all of this can easily diminish that joyful excitement that should come with the prospect of booking a holiday.

Now, a new app on the scene is set to change all of this, revolutionising the way we plan group ski holidays.

MySwft takes the hassle out of planning a group ski trip. A group of travel experts and mountain enthusiasts themselves, the team behind MySwft wanted to launch an app that would allow skiers a stress-free platform to plan their group ski trip, with everything in one place.

Previously, how would you plan a trip? It would mean a large group chat on WhatsApp or Messenger (often inevitably overrun with irrelevant videos and memes) or an email thread you can’t seem to ever see the end of.  Either way, it can be hard to pinpoint specific information, responses or confirmations, leading the ‘group leader’ – whichever poor soul gets awarded this title – to have to sift back through entire conversations.

What if there was a free mobile app that would solve all these problems? Claiming to be ‘a bit like Doodle for group holidays’, MySwft is designed to help you break free from never-ending WhatsApp groups and emails.

So how does it work?

You simply set up your trip, add your options for dates, destination, price and type of accommodation and then invite all your group members to vote for their preferred choice. Who said democracy was dead?!

The app also allows you to request all important booking details, such as full names, dates of birth and dietary requirements and each group member gets notified. At the touch of a button, you’re all agreed and ready to go.

The MySwft App is completely free and is available now, visit www.myswft.com/app or click to download in the App Store or the Play Store.