Scotland Snow Conditions Report & Forecast December 7, 2017

STORY BY Patrick Thorne 7th December 2017

It has been a roller coaster week for snow conditions on Scottish ski slopes, and the week ahead isn’t looking much different – although the good news is plenty of snow is forecast.

Last weekend four of the five Highland centres were open but then the start of this week saw high temperatures, much of the cover was lost, and centres closed down again.

The next weather to hit Scotland was Storm Caroline bringing 110mph winds to the summit of Cairngorm on Wednesday and Thursday.

But now a week of snow is expected and the centres are hoping to re-open this weekend.

In an added twist, the first all weather snow making machine has arrived at Cairngorm with Glencoe’s machine set to follow in a few days time, so this should get around Scotland’s roller coaster weather problem, to some extent at least…


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