French Ski Shop Chain Skiset Scan Your Feet for Faster Rentals

French ski shop chain Skiset, which claims more shops than any other in France (375), has come up with a clever new way to ease the boot rental (and thus the ski rental) process.

Skiers and boarders visiting Skiset stores can now use a device called Scanfeet to quickly have their feet digitally scanned so that the precise dimension of your feet can be determined and matched to the best boots for you.

The extra good news though is that your precise foot data is stored in your personal profile so that next time you go skiing, there’s no need to go through the measurement process again, the technicians have all the data they need.  You can even order up the gear you know will fit online.

“Skiset concentrates on the client experience,” explains Julien Gauthier, Network Development manager for the company, who continues, “ScanFeet is born from the desire to digitize our know-how, improve the flow of clients in-store and increase customer loyalty. The new software enables our staff to target the best ski boots available.”