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Megan Hughes

28 Feb 22

InTheSnow x Skiset – Ski Hire Made Simple

Megan Hughes

28 Feb 22

Finding the right ski can be hugely important to your experience on the slopes. Get it wrong and you’ll be wrestling with your tools all day long. Get it right and you’ll have the most fun you could possibly have on the mountain, with your skis giving you the confidence to explore and enjoy the days’ terrain.

This is why we’re delighted to announce that we’re once again working with Europe’s most popular ski hire company, Skiset, to ensure your rental experience is as seamless and successful as possible this winter with some of the best deals and expert advice.

So, together with Skiset, we’ve created a bespoke Ski Hire Guide to help you make the best choices this winter and get the most out of your ski rentals.

From beating the hire shop queues to finding the perfect skis for your ability,  we cover everything you need to know about renting skis and boots this winter.

We’re also teaming up to offer some fantastic discounts on ski rental this winter, with up to 50% off (and an EXTRA 10% for InTheSnow readers for good measure). Click here to find out more about the partnership and to access these offers!

Why Hire?

Though there will always be those who prefer to own their own kit, there are a multitude of reasons that, for many skiers, hiring gear is a clear winner.


Firstly, it makes travelling a much more enjoyable experience. If you’ve ever tried to navigate the London Underground with skis, boots and luggage, you’ll understand how painful travelling with ski gear can be! When you hire, you can leave all those heavy, bulky bags at home and just focus on enjoying the journey and those epic mountain views. When you do reach resort, you’ll simply need to pop into your nearest Skiset, pick up your gear and you’re ready to hit the snow! Skiset stores are generally right in the middle of the resort centres, so are easily accessible from the majority of accommodation.

InTheSnow x Skiset – Ski Hire Made Simple

The Best Skis, Every Year!

When you buy a pair of skis, you’re essentially limiting yourself to ski on that one pair for years and years (especially if you want to make sure you get your moneys’ worth!). However, when hiring, you can try the newest and best skis every winter, rather than having to use the same pair time and time again.


Similarly, hiring means that you have much more flexibility when it comes to your ski choice and can …. to changing conditions. Not seen a snowfall in a while? Grab some seriously sharp piste skis and work on your carving! Powder day? Swap them out for some dedicated freeride skis to enjoy the good stuff! Fancy a foray into the park? Pick up some twin tips and you’re ready to go. Renting also means that you can easily change your skis if you find you don’t quite get on with them, whether that’s due to style or length, a luxury not afforded to those who’ve bought their skis!

Best for Beginners

For first-time skiers, hiring is definitely recommended. There’s absolutely no sense in spending money on gear you’re not sure you’ll use again (as crazy as it seems, there are people out there who don’t enjoy the slopes!). Not only will this be a cheaper option, it also means that you’ll be sure to get the best gear for your ability level, ensuring your comfort on the slopes and giving you the best base from which to develop your skills.

Why Skiset?

When creating the ultimate Ski Hire Guide, we felt that it was incredibly important to go to the absolute experts and Skiset are certainly this. A team of truly dedicated winter sports professionals who know everything there is to know about ski equipment, Skiset live and breathe skis!

Their distinctive stores have been a familiar sight in ski resorts for decades, with a focus on quality products and the highest levels of customer service. It’s a result of this focus on the customer experience that has led Skiset to become arguably the largest ski rental service in the world, with many skiers returning to the brand year after year.

We know that this winter more than ever, flexibility and financial protection are key for travellers, so Skiset are offering free cancellations and 100% refunds on bookings up to 24 hours before your first day of skiing. This means that you can relax with total peace of mind that should situations change, your money is safe with Skiset!