Dominic Killinger

02 Feb 17

Ski Rocker Tip Explained

Dominic Killinger

02 Feb 17

Ski Rocker Tip Explained

Here is our “Ski Rocker Tip Explained” section – a technology that’s been introduced into skis over the last 10 years, and here is a quick explanation of exactly what it is!

Rocker type

There are a few different types of Rocker when it comes to skis.


Until now most skis have had a cambered effect, giving them an upward arching curve in the middle.  Hold a pair of skis across in front of your eye-line and you will see they part in the middle where you connect your boot and the they touch at the tip and tail.   This helps distribute pressure evenly across the length of the skis. These are great for nicely groomed pistes and packed snow.


A rocker or reverse-camber, is literally a camber turned upside down.  So the ski touches all the way down the middle then parts early at the tip (and sometimes the tail).  These are great for beginners and advanced riders, the rise of the tip and tail away from the snow means easier float in deeper powder.  They also make the ski feel more easily controlled.


This combination of rockers give skiers the best of both world’s depending on the type of skiing you want to do.  You will notice that every year, ski brands make their money from creating new rocker types and technologies…its what makes us all want the next pair of skis!

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Choosing The Right Ski Length

We would recommend you go into a specialist retailer like http://www.skibartlett.com/ to make sure you get the best possible advice or check out our video https://www.inthesnow.com/choose-right-length-skis/

A Rough Guide To Choosing the Right Length Ski:

The Right Length Ski for on Piste Skiing

Aim for a ski thats between you chin and your eye level, for easy carving and responsive steering and look to choose a longer ski for stability and big wide turns.

The Right Length Ski for All Mountain Skiing

Generally here you will find skis have a bit of rocker, so aim for slightly longer, more nose to forehead.  If you aren’t sure what rocker is, maybe take a look at our video https://www.inthesnow.com/rocker-skis-explained/

The Right Length Ski for Freeride Skiing

Now things start to go a bit crazy so here you can aim for forehead to over head height as far as you comfortably ski on giving you max float!

The Right Length Ski for Freestyle Backcountry Skiing

Here the sky (or ski) if the limit. The bigger the ski, the better the float in that deep powder.

The Right Length Ski for Freestyle Skiing

For those freestylers among you, approximately eye level skis will give maximum flexibility and ease of turning fast.

The Right Length Ski for Skiing in The Park

Same goes here really unless you want something a bit bigger to give great stability for landing and jumping.