New Rail Tunnel To Engelberg Opening

STORY BY Patrick Thorne 27th November 2010

A new four kilometre long rail tunnel to the central Swiss ski resort of Engelberg will open on December 12th.

The tunnel is part of a narrow-gauge railway line connecting Lucerne, Stans and Engelberg which is a vital access route to Engelberg, depositing visitors in the centre of the resort.

Engelberg was entirely cut off by severe floods in August 2005 when 1,500 tourists had to be airlifted from the resort.

The tunnel replaces the ascent between Grafenort and Engelberg and stretches 4,060 m [2.5 miles] at a six percent climb between of 600m [1,969 ft] and 991m [3,251 ft] above sea level respectively and will reduce journey times to the resort.

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