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Patrick Thorne

16 Sep 18

New Powder Chair For Big White

Patrick Thorne

16 Sep 18

What Big White resort staff claim to have been “Canada’s oldest and most popular triple chair,” the Powder Chair, is being upgraded to a quad in time for the coming ski season.

The previous lift, installed nearly 40 years ago in 1979, providing an estimated 15,868,476 rides.

The $3.9m lift is part of a $10m spend this summer on upgrades at the BC ski area, the biggest single-season spend in the last decade.

“After all, when was the last time someone spent $10 million to show you a good time?” commented Michael J. Ballingall, senior vice president of Big White Ski Resort.

Today Big White Ski Resort Ltd. made significant announcements culminating in the largest single year investment at the resort in guest experience in the last decade.

Big White is also investing $1.5 million to expand the skier tunnel on the Hummingbird run from its current width of 25 feet to 60 feet accommodating increased skier and foot passenger traffic.

Other investments include $1.1 million in annual lift and machinery maintenance, $500,000 in building maintenance, $750,000 in water and sewer upgrades and $150,000 for a new on mountain shuttle bus.

“I’m proud to be leading the third generation of our family owned business,” said Peter Plimmer, president and CEO of Big White Ski Resort Ltd. “My grandfather, Desmond Schumann, would be proud of what we’re doing here at the resort.”