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Megan Hughes

01 Dec 20

Jesper Tjäder’s Dream Game Show

Megan Hughes

01 Dec 20

Jesper Tjäder has treated us to some of freeskiing’s most memorable videos, but this new drop might just be his most inventive yet!

Waking up to find himself in a quirky Japanese game show, Tjäder sees his skiing tested like never before! Set in what looks like a frozen underground bunker, the obstacles and tricks are out of this world.

The idea apparently emerged from Tjäder’s real-life recurring dreams, where he would envisage himself skiing in one of these wild and wonderful shows.

“At the level I’m at within freeskiing, it’s usually really scary to try new stuff but in a game show I imagined it’s all about the fun part of skiing” says Tjäder.

“We managed to come very close to my dreams. At one point, I felt like I was actually in a game show.”

This edit even features a never-done-before trick, a 24-metre (78 feet) long triple elbow “spider rail”.

Tjäder revealed: “Failing a large number of attempts (60 times) before you nail a trick is not new to me. It’s just part of the process. But I would have preferred days and not hours on the spider rail.”

Featured Image © Adam Klingeteg / Red Bull Content Pool