Patrick Thorne

12 Apr 21

Indoor Snow Centres Re-Open in England

Patrick Thorne

12 Apr 21

England’s five indoor snow centres are re-opening as the country continues its route out of the second lockdown.

They join the country’s dry ski slopes which were allowed to re-open a fortnight ago.

The five centres including The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead; Chill Factore at Manchester (now both owned by the same group); the two Snozones at Milton Keynes and Castleford, now both 100% green-energy powered, at the Tamworth snowdome, the longest-established indoor snow centre in the country.

Covid-safety measures are of course in place at all facilities and most have special deals to help entice people back on to the snow. For example lift passes are as little as £11.99pp at Snozone Milton Keynes and Snozone Yorkshire.

Dry slopes were able to re-open in Wales at the start of this month.

Hairdressers and other businesses along with most outdoor sports have re-opened in Scotland but not the country’s Highland ski centres, nor the indoor snow centre near Glasgow nor any of the dry slopes.  These currently look like they will all/mostly be allowed to re-open in a fortnight’s time on 26th April when travel around Scotland and possibly from England (yet to be decided) may also be possible.

Cairngorm and Glencoe (pictured below at the weekend) have said they may open their slopes if there’s sufficient snow at the end of the month.