Glenshee Snow Report 29th November

The Cabin Ski Hire

The snow gates to Glenshee Ski Centre were closed for the first time of the season last night, we have enjoyed sustained cold for some time now and Glenshee is starting to shape up nicely.

The major issue in seasons past has been the lack of ground frost before the snow arrives, when the snow falls the warm/wet ground is insulated by the snow and this does not any real hard frost to penetrate below the surface. Fingers crossed this season is different as the ground is getting hard and very cold.

We visited the ski centre last weekend to assess the conditions and the staff are in positive spirits, we’re hoping for a cracking season ahead and it’s the best start we’ve had in quite some time.

On another note we picked up our premium/performance skis a couple of days ago. We’ve got quite a few of the InTheSnow top reviewed from Volkl, K2 and Line!

We are ridiculously excited for the coming 17/18 winter!


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