Megan Hughes

30 Jun 20

Wedze 900 Ski Bag Review

Megan Hughes

30 Jun 20

Looking for the best all round ski bag on the market? Then our Wedze 900 ski bag review is here to help! This highly affordable ski bag is designed for the skier or snowboarder who wants a great value, easily manoeuvrable and hugely spacious ski bag. It’s designed to fit up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, with sturdy wheels to make life much easier when carrying it to and from your destination (particularly handy for travelling through airports).

When first using this bag, we were a bit wary that it would not fit one pair of skis we were carrying which were slightly longer than the main section of the bag. However, the Wedze 900 has a trick up its sleeve in the form of an extendable roll top, meaning it can extend to a whopping 210cm to fit skis of all lengths. We found this really handy as it meant that you didn’t have that sag of unused space if you were carrying shorter skis, but gave you all the space you needed to include longer pairs.

When empty, the Wedze 900ski bag folds down really easily in order to take up as little space as possible in your hotel room. We found it can be slipped under a bed or into a cupboard without much hassle at all, something not all ski bags are able to do!

The internal storage compartment is made of polyethylene sheeting to avoid rips, and there are straps to ensure your skis are secured, as well as a mesh compartment for any loose essentials, such as gloves or hats.

In terms of transit, the wheels make life really easy – even when pulling it through snow as we had to! There are a number of handles for easy movement on/off baggage carousels and into coach compartments, on the side of the bag as well as the top and bottom.

We found this to be a very good buy – at just £79.99, it’s incredible value for a large, durable ski bag. If you want a ski bag that can do it all at a more purse-friendly price, you can’t go wrong with the Wed’ze 900 ski bag.

Wedze 900 Ski Bag Review – Key Features:

  • Roll Top system enabling you to adjust the length of the bag to the equipment.
  • Padded sides and a rigid base for excellent protection of the equipment.
  • An ergonomic carry handle and wheels to easily pull the bag along.
  • Full-length two-way zips that provide easy access to the contents.
  • Compactable design wheels for ease of travel

Watch the full Wedze Ski Bag 900 Review on YouTube here.


  • Length = 210 cm
  • Width = 34 cm
  • Height = 24 cm
  • Weight = 4 kg